At PMVS we are well aware that the concept of a mobile veterinary practice is unfamiliar to a lot of people. For some pet owners it can be difficult to envision just how a mobile service would work. Some may even wonder if it’s possible for their pets to receive the same level of care as they will in a traditional practice. Of course they will! We like to think that the care our patients receive is exceptional, personal and well, different. In fact, at Pittsburgh Mobile Veterinary Services, we’re proud to be different.

We are also aware that being different means that our services may not be for everyone. If you’re considering scheduling with us (and we hope you are), here are a few guidelines that might help you determine if we’re right for you. If you are a current client, these guidelines may help you understand us a bit better:

1) We’re nowhere near as bad as the cable guy, but scheduling with us necessitates flexibility in your schedule. The nature of any mobile profession bears the burden of potential unforeseen circumstances.

The most common of these circumstances include:

a) A patient scheduled prior to you may have been much more ill than we anticipated; therefore, we must take extra time to treat them properly.

b) A patient appointment scheduled prior to yours may have gone much more quickly than anticipated; therefore we will proceed with our appointments ahead of schedule.

c) We may be subject to unexpected traffic

We require a minimum of 90 minutes of time flexibility before and after your set appointment. If you are seeking an appointment but are unable to provide us flexibility on a particular day we recommend you consider scheduling on a day where this is possible. They tend to fill up quickly, but we do offer Saturday appointments for those who work late hours. If your schedule is rigid, we may not be right for you

2) We must present a strict cancellation policy for all clients. It is SO important that any cancellations or rescheduling of appointments be done with a minimum of 24 hours notice; we ask that you please be kind and give us as much notice as possible. Our appointments are strategically scheduled based on location, time of travel, and many other factors. A late cancellation places a huge burden on all other scheduled clients and can significantly alter our plan for the day. Any cancellation requested with less than 24 hours notice is subject to a fee. You will be charged a house call fee for any no-call/no-show appointments. Clients who cancel appointments more than three times -regardless of the amount of notice given -will be required to leave a deposit in the amount of the house call fee and exam in order to secure future appointments. For surgical appointments, you will be required to deposit a percentage of your total estimate. **Some exceptions will apply.

3) While we do keep our pricing as reasonable as possible, we couldn’t continue to provide our focused and convenient service without charging properly. At the same time, we would never want to charge unfairly. We are always happy to review costs with you as necessary during your appointments with us. If you struggle to understand our pricing, consider the following: You never have to leave your house. Your pet never has to travel in a car. You and your pet will never have a stressful waiting room experience. If your pet undergoes a surgical procedure with us, he or she will be able to go right back into the comfort of their home as soon as they are recovered. They will never be subject to the stresses of a traditional hospital stay.

Additionally, unlike a traditional veterinary practice, we are extremely limited in the number of patients we can schedule on a daily basis. Your appointment time – whether for a one-hour checkup or a five-hour surgery – is dedicated ONLY to you and your pet. Many veterinary practices are able to perform multiple surgeries and examine multiple patients while hospitalizing patients all at one time. At PMVS, Dr. Meneo is the sole practitioner caring for one patient at a time. He is focused on you and your pet.

4) As much as we’d like to, we cannot be your on-call emergency service. Our practice currently consists only of Dr. Meneo as the sole practitioner and his technicians, Ali and Lauren. This means that our practice hours must be limited to the times listed below. We are happy to fit you in for emergency services when appointment slots are vacant but we cannot guarantee our availability. We work with emergency veterinary partners in surrounding areas to help you get the care your pets need.

A note from our technicians: as much as we would love to be available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the nature of our practice makes this impossible. As it is, Dr. Meneo works tirelessly for more than 14 hours a day, 6 days a week. But it doesn’t end there. He plays catch-up on Sundays too! Don’t tell him we told!

5) We travel with a well-stocked pharmacy. However, we cannot carry everything that we may recommend, such as a particular prescription diet. We ask that you become familiar with our online pharmacy (see the tab above) to order such items and to refill medications. Oftentimes this service provides free shipping. Otherwise, we are happy to personally refill your prescription and send it to you via UPS for a modest shipping fee. We ask for 5 days notice to prepare your refill since we spend most of our day traveling to and from appointments and must schedule time to visit UPS. This is also necessary in the case that we do not actively stock your prescription and need to place an order.

6) Please call us for pricing details